Annuity – Industry Updates

8.02.2022 – ANICO: Now Accepting Annuity Applications up to $3,000,000, Effective August 1, 2022

6.17.2022 – ANICO: Mid-Month rate Updates: ASIA PLUS 7 & 10, MYG, NY Rates, Effective June 20, 2022

5.19.2022 – AIG: Index Annuity Rates are Improving Effective Monday, May 23, 2022

2.8.2022 – OneAmerica: Annuity Rate Changes, Effective February 15, 2022 

2.7.2022 – Global Atlantic: Rate Updates – Choice Accumulation II Fixed Index Annuity and SecureFore 3 and 5 Fixed Annuities

1.31.2022 – Global Atlantic: Important Information Regarding Cap and Illustrated Rate Changes

1.5.2022 – ANICO: New Increased Annuity Premium Limits

9.30.2021 – ANICO – ASIA Plus 7 & 10 October 2021 Rate Update

9.30.2021 – AIG – Fixed Annuity Rates are Increasing Monday, October 4, 2021

8.4.2021 – AIG: Annuity Rates Are Changing, Effective August 9, 2021

7.26.2021 – AIG: Annuity Rates Are Changing, Effective July 26, 2021 

7.16.2021 – Lincoln Annuities: No Longer Accepting 10 Year Deferrals of Beneficiary IRAs, Effective July 23, 2021

7.8.2021 – AIG: Fixed Annuity Rates are Changing, Effective July 12, 2021 

6.17.2021 – AIG: Fixed Annuity Rates Changing, Effective June 21, 2021

6.7.2021 – AIG: annuity Rates are Improving! Rates Effective 6/7/2021. Contact Milner Financial Annuity Director, Chris Long for full details at: 800.926.9206 x 132 / [email protected]

6.3.2021 – New Legislation to Require Annuities in Retirement Plans. See Details Here

5.28.2021 – Great American Life Joins MassMutual Family of Companies. See Details Here

5.14.2021 – Effective Saturday, May 15, 2021, new business interest rates for some OneAmerica company products are changing. See Details Here

5.5.2021 – Fixed Annuity Rates are improving with AIG: Click Here to Find Out More

5.3.2021 – AIG Announced an improvement in their annuity rates! For details, contact Milner Annuity Director, Chris Long at: 800.926.9206 x 132 / [email protected]

3.1.2021 – What is your current Long Term Care strategy?  There might be a new approach that brings more advantages and more choices with Annuities with Global Atlantic Forecare. Click Here to Find Out More

1.4.2021Milner Introduces New Online Annuity Platform Firelight! Click Here to Find Out More

1.1.2021 – American National New Training Requirements for Annuity Sales:

Newly Revised NAIC DOL Fiduciary Model 
The NAIC recently revised the DOL fiduciary model to establish a framework for an enhanced standard of conduct that is more than the model’s current suitability standard but not a fiduciary standard. Separately, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a proposed rule package in May 2018, which included Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI). The SEC finalized Reg BI in June 2019. The final Reg BI establishes a best interest standard of conduct for broker-dealers beyond the existing suitability obligation that applies to federally registered variable annuities.

► Current list of states that have adopted the revised model  
Effective January 1, 2021 the Following Training Is Required to Sell Annuities With American National: American National Annuity Product Training  Newly Appointed producers must take the IMG All-Encompassing Course located in your Learning Plan on 1/1/2021. Existing Producers who have already taken the IMG All-Encompassing Course satisfy the requirement with the review of the content in this email. Continuing Education Training  For producers in states that have adopted the Revised Model and have already taken the previous suitability model:

Producers who have already completed the original training requirement before January 1, 2021 must complete either a new one-time 4-hour course or an additional one-time 1-hour course before July 1, 2021.
  For producers in states that have adopted the Revised Model and have NOT already taken the previous suitability model:

Producers who have not taken the original training requirement before January 1, 2021 must complete the new one-time 4-hour course before selling annuities. Find the 1-hour and 4-hour CE courses on the RegEd website under the state you are licensed.  
Go to RegEd Website

8.12.2020 – North American has released a great piece on how agents can better incorporate fixed index annuities into their toolbox. Included are testimonies from high-level producers and other simple tips that can help an agent increase their fixed annuity sales.  CLICK HERE to see the full piece. If you have any questions about how to better use FIA options with your clients, please feel free to reach out to Chris directly!
800.926.9206 x 132 / [email protected]

7.8.2020 – KKR is set to acquire Global Atlantic Financial Group. Click Here For Full Press Release.

7.6.2020 – North American Agent Loyalty Program is in Effect!
North American’s Exclusive Producers Connection is in effect for the rest of 2020.
You can earn anywhere from 0.50% to 1.50% additional compensation for
FIA production until 12/31/2020, and it is retroactive! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
For help, contact Milner Annuity Director, Chris Long at: 800.926.9206 x 132 / [email protected]

6.10.2020 – North American MYGA rate special change with deadline of June 16th. For MYGA change details Click Here.

6.8.2020 – We have added Oceanview to our rate sheet and they have taken the top spot in the 3 and 5 year MYGA options.

6.2.2020 Fidelity National Financial completes the acquisition of Fidelity & Guarantee.

5.26.2020Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz) has big news. Effective June 2, 2020, they’re increasing the Protected Income Value (PIV) premium bonuses on their top two selling fixed index annuities (FIAs): The Allianz 222® Annuity PIV premium bonus1 will increase from 10% to 15%. The Allianz Benefit ControlSM Annuity PIV premium2 bonus will increase from 6% to 10%

5.21.2020 North American’s Versa Choice has introduced an enhanced participation rate of 200% on the two-year point-to-point (Fidelity Multifactor Yield 5% ER) and a 140% participation rate on the annual point-to-point (Fidelity Multifactor Yield 5% ER).

5.13.2020 – F&G announcing rate increase effective May 18th! Click Here for Details.

5.7.2020 – North American has increased premium bonuses on their Charter Plus 10 and 14 starting May 12th! Contact Chris Long for details at [email protected]

5.4.2020AIG announces they have opened up the ability to submit e-applications!   A faster and easier way to submit an application – The FireLight order entry platform is now available for select AIG Annuities on our Connext producer portal. Applications can now be submitted faster with a more streamlined and less complicated process. 
Products available include:  American Pathway® SolutionsMYG, American Pathway VisionMYG, Power Series of Index Annuities, Power Index 7® New York For details contact Chris Long at 770-558-8904 or by e-mail at [email protected]

4.29.2020 – Milner Financial update with good news! For first time since the start of the quarantine, March 16th, 2020, all our carrier rates held steady on the multi-year guarantee annuities. This is a sign of positive things to come as carriers start to open up more opportunities on their fixed annuities. For details on the current state of the fixed annuity market and what options are available please reach out to Chris Long at 770-558-8904

4.15.2020Equitrust is offering a 1% Commission Increase for a limited time on Index Annuities, ChoiceFour Annuity and Single Premium Life Products. No threshold, no hurdle, no waiting period. Based on application-received date, beginning April 15, 2020 and through June 1, 2020. Commission increase excludes Certainty Select and Confidence Income Annuities. They are also offering rate increases on all their annuity products.

4.13.2020Lincoln is suspending sales on their Lincoln Lifetime Income Edge 2.0 and I4Life rider options on their FIAs starting on 4/13/2020.  Please reach out to Chris Long at [email protected] to learn more about some great alternative FIA income rider options.

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